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would you go to a dentist in a parking lot? no? then why go to a modification artist that is willing to cut corners and use less than the highest quality materials, techniques, and up-to-date information available? the cost is higher because reputable, knowledgeable, experienced artists actually really care about what they put in your body, they care about using safe, efficient techniques, they care to do research and take classes on wide ranges of topics including first aid, cpr, bloodborne pathogens, human anatomy, wound care, and on and on. the jewelry used is of extremely high quality and ensured bio-compatability. we know, and can tell you, exactly what our jewelry is made of, how it was made, where it was made, hell most of the time we can even call or text the actual person who made it. and those craftsmen work for ethical, community-conscious manufacturers that offer life-time guarantees on all of their products. i have seen amazing artists agonize over every little detail, wanting to make sure they’ve provided their clients with the best possible service and experience, with a guarantee on the work just to ensure a successful modification and completely satisfied customer. all because they just really fucking love what they do, and they have enough respect for it to do it right, to do it safely, and to do it well.

so yeah, you could find it cheaper, but why the hell would you want to?

Danni does it again

Hahahaha. That’s me!


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    I’ll be honest, sometimes I think the piercing prices at shops are alittle steep HOWEVER, I am willing to pay that price...
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    I got my nose pierced for 75. The screw is titanium but it’s ALL titanium. And the guy cleaned it really well. It healed...
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    a piece of me does think this is slightly over priced for a nostril… but he does make a very good point. but a) not...
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    my thoughts exactly.
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    My nostril piercing was $70, after I tipped my piercer the total came to $80. I regret absolutely nothing. My piercer...
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    That price is a bit steep.. My piercer is experienced and fab and everything and I’ve been going to him for 2 years, 8...
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